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My rabbit is older. Do I need to do anything special?

We've got a great free ebook all about Elderbuns right here.

What kind of hay does my animal need?

We've got great info for you right here:

Do I need more than one type of hay? Is variety important?

We are big believers in variety. Here are some blogs to explain why variety and the opportunity to forage are so important to little animals:.

How does hay get moldy? Is moldy hay safe?

Hay is a plant; it's a natural product and it can be sensitive to light and ventilation conditions. Our hay is hand-packed, so we know that when it leaves our facility, it is lovely and fresh. We even pack in boxes, not plastic, so the hay can breath

What is your substitution policy for Thrifty Thursday?

Unfortunately, we cannot make substitutions to our Thrifty Thursday promotions. Please watch your inbox for future Thrifty Thursday offerings... they're constantly changing. If you have more questions, please contact Customer Service and we'll be hap

What is your substitution policy for bundles/combos?

We cannot make substitutions in current bundles/combos, but are continuing to offer new bundles/combos in response to customer requests and product demands. If you have an idea, let us know!. If you have more questions, please contact Customer Servic

What is the difference between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd cut timothy hay?

Glad you asked!. We've got all explained in this blog:

What kinds of hay does Small Pet Select sell?

We're super excited: we now have multiple options of hay to choose from. See below for our current hay products and a brief description of them. Can't decide? There's also a sampler box.

Why does my pet need to eat hay?

Veterinarians recommend that grass hay make up 70-80% of a small animal's diet (in this case, we are talking about rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas). Providing quality grass hay is extremely important for two primary reasons:  1) Your Pet Requir

How much hay should my animal be eating? How much should I order?

In general, when ordering, we recommend buying anywhere from a 1-6 month supply. Of course, everyone has their own preferences.   If you're trying to figure out how much your pets will eat, the truth is they are all different... some are bigger so th

What is the best way to store hay and how long will it stay fresh?

Hay will remain fresh for a long time if it's stored properly in a cool, dry location, is not-over-handled, and if it avoids sunlight. In other words, the worst enemies of hay are exposure to moisture, exposure to sunlight, and excessive handling. Yo

Is your hay GMO-free?

Yup, it sure is. Our hay (and, of course, the seeds it is grown from) are GMO-free.

Can my rabbit eat alfalfa hay?

With so many options available, it can be difficult knowing what rabbits can and can’t eat.  One question that often comes up is: should rabbits eat alfalfa?    Pets over a year of age should only be fed alfalfa as an occasional treat; it's much

What are the dimensions of your hay and bedding boxes?

Hay boxes:   The 2.26796 kg and 4.53 kg come in the same size box. This box conveniently folds closed for easy storage and access. Dimensions are 23" x 16" x 6"  58.42 cm x 40.64 cm x 15.24 cm The 9.07 kg box has a base and a lid for easy stora

How does Small Pet Select determine box weight for hay?

Our weights are gross, not net, so the total weight, including the box, is .91kg, 2.27kg, 4.54kg, etc. If you have concerns with order weights, please weigh your box (bathroom scale is fine). If your order doesn't weigh enough, we're happy to send yo