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What is the best way to store hay and how long will it stay fresh?Updated a year ago

Hay will remain fresh for a long time if it's stored properly in a cool, dry location, is not-over-handled, and if it avoids sunlight.

In other words, the worst enemies of hay are exposure to moisture, exposure to sunlight, and excessive handling. 

You'll notice hay in stores is in plastic bags that allow sunlight to get through and bleach the hay.

This also damages the hay from handling during transit.

Since we're shipping our hay directly to you, these problems are avoided.

Instead of putting hay into bags, we put hay into sturdy boxes which protect from the sunlight and handling during transit.

And since it is being shipped direct, it will never be at risk of losing its freshness.

We're really not fans of putting hay into plastic tubs; they're not food-grade plastic and can off-gas nasty chemicals.

They can also impart a plastic taste to the hay, making it less yummy.

We don't know about you, but we don't like our food tasting like plastic.


One hint: try canvas laundry bags.

They're easy to move around and you can even get them in frames with rollers.  

If stored correctly, hay will stay good for about 12 months after harvest before losing any it's fresh taste or smell.

Even if your pet did eat it after that 12 month mark, it still wouldn't hurt them.

After all, there are bags of hay being sold in retail stores that are sometimes two or more years old.

But because we ship the hay direct to you, you can count on it tasting good and having a strong aroma for your pet.

In general when ordering, we recommend buying anywhere from a 1-6-month supply.

Of course, everyone has their own preferences.

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