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Small Pet Select pine pellets for litter boxes: why they are safer than wood stove pellets or other companies' pine pellets

There are health issues with almost all pine pellets out there because they still contain the phenols. Yuck!. Ours, however, are kiln-dried and have the phenols removed... no health issues here!. We know a lot of people do use the wood stove pellets

How to clean a litter box when using Small Pet Select pine pellets

Here's the secret:. When the animal pees, you will only see a tiny little circular spot on the surface. Underneath, though, is a little mountain that has been turned to dust. Picture a volcano. So... the best way to clean these pellets is to use a fl

Does Small Pet Select determine paper bedding by weight or by volume?

Like all paper bedding suppliers, we determine paper bedding by volume, not by weight. We do this because different paper beddings are made of different materials, and weight doesn’t really have much meaning; paper bedding is a compressed product. Be