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Small Pet Select Programs for RescuesUpdated 6 months ago

Here at Small Pet Select, we believe in making it a priority to dedicate our time and resources to supporting and giving back to rescues and other 501(c)3 organizations. We have a number of programs to help our rescues and other nonprofit organizations do the most good for the most vulnerable small pets

(New) Adoption Program

Our Adoption Program is designed to help encourage #adoptdontshop.
Small Pet Select partners with rescues nationwide to help celebrate and promote the adoption of the smallest, most vulnerable animals. We offer a free gift (free box of hay) to all adopters as a thank you for saving a life. Also, it spreads awareness by sharing adoption day photos on our social channels and cross-promotion of rescues. 
It requires minimal effort on your side and is designed to be easy and fun for both the rescue and adopters. 
How it works:

Small Pet Select provides a “Free Gift” postcard

The rescue will hand out the card to each new adopter or the card can be included in the adoption packet paperwork.
Interested? Send us your mailing address and how many adoptions you do a month. We'd love to send out some cards.

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