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Pestavert: Small Pet Select's super safe external parasite repellentUpdated a year ago

Dr. Pusillo used extensive research on aged Amazonian nut oils to develop Pestavert. It's so safe you can spray it in your own mouth... crazy! Human-grade, organic, and GMO-free.

This formula acts against mites, lice, fleas, ticks, and many other external parasites and helps prevent larval infestations (ex. "flystrike").  

Completely non-toxic ingredients, even for the smallest and youngest creatures. Safe for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, ferrets, rats, hamsters, gerbils, mice, prairie dogs, degus.  Also safe for humans, dogs, and cats, goats, horses, and any other mammal bothered by those pesky external parasites.

Our formula uses a proprietary process to increase the effectiveness of the ingredients and allows Pestavert to deliver a far stronger knock-out punch to parasites than other plant-based formulas can provide. Bam!

Note: these oils are safe for use on all animals and humans.  This formula does not contain anything that will cause harm if ingested or breathed in. There is a strong initial scent which fades quickly and will not irritate respiratory systems, no matter how sensitive.

Shake well.  Keep from freezing or high temperatures.  Store in a cool dark place.  No refrigeration necessary.

Active Ingredients:

Lemongrass Oil 4%

Cinnamon Oil 1%

Sesame Oil 1%

Castor Oil 0.5%

Inert Ingredients:

Purified Water 93.5%

The background for this formula, by Dr. Pusillo:

Living in above ground dwellings which sit on long poles, the houses of the forest dwellers were somewhat safe from creepy crawlers and ground-dwelling animals.

Many insects learned that venturing up one of the poles into the living area of the people gave them an enjoyable meal.

Discouraged by the many skin bites, chewed up earlobes, and infested meals, the indigenous people observed their surroundings for clues in their fight against pests in the home.

Space underneath the houses was often used as a refuge from the overhead sun while taking a nap or fixing a meal.

Someone centuries ago discarded some plant material there and noticed that no insects were crawling up and around certain types of seed pods and husks.

The observant people soon began to use residues from these plants to keep away the insects.

Nothing beats nature for providing an appropriate solution!

Some of the most advantageous uses of the “aged” oils are the treatment of the skin for skin and muscular inflammations and or a repellent against insect bites.

For almost 15 years, Dr. Gary Pusillo; the formulator for the Flea and Tick oil; protected his health and well being with Amazon nut oils while working in the Amazon basin with the indigenous people.

Dr. Gary has taken his personal experience and cutting age scientific technology and created the Flea and Tick formulation for modern use.

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