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LOVE TEAMWORK? LOVE ANIMALS?Updated 6 months ago

Around here, we are big sharers. We share tasks, responsibilities, info...that is what makes our staff members so effective. We work hard.

We are dedicated. And we are all there for each other, with support and help whenever needed. We are a tight-knit group of folks who care deeply about animals, quality, honesty, and honor.

This is not a corporate big-brother.  

If this sounds like the kind of environment where you could contribute and thrive, take a look below to see our current job openings. Thanks for your interest!

Note: we will confirm that we did receive your application. We will contact anyone chosen for an interview.

 Please don't reach out to us asking for the status of your application. 

We are still a small company with a tiny HR staff, so we are limited as to how much we can correspond.

Thanks for understanding.

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