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AbigailUpdated 6 months ago

Hello Small Pet Select Family,

It's with a heavy heart that we share the news of Abigail's passing. We understand that her blog has touched the lives of many, and as we navigate this difficult time, we want to address any questions you might have.

Q: Where can we send a card to Dad? 

A: Your thoughtfulness is appreciated. Please send your email to customer support and we will forward the message.

Q: Can we send flowers? 

A: In line with Abigail's wishes, instead of flowers, she requested donations to her favorite rabbit rescue, The Rabbit Haven. You can make a contribution at The Rabbit Haven Donation Page.

Q: Will Abigail’s blog continue? 

A: At the moment, Belinda is still processing this loss. The future of Abigail's blog is still being worked out.

Q: I like reading Abigail for happy stories. Why did you have to end on such a sad note? 

A: Losing a furry friend is an incredibly tough experience, and Abigail wanted to shed light on this often unspoken aspect of pet parenting. Her intention was to help others by sharing her own journey.

We appreciate your understanding during this emotional time. Abigail's legacy lives on in the hearts of all who loved her.

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