My credit card isn't working. What's wrong?

Life happens. Occasionally a credit card is declined, and it's probably because of one of the following reasons:
 1. The billing information entered during checkout doesn't match the information on the credit card.

The billing address entered must always match the billing address that is associated with the credit card.
2.  All information entered is correct, but you're still getting an error.

Unfortunately, this can happen on very rare occasions.

Because our credit card processor is backed by all major banks, if they have an issue with a card, they may disable the transaction from going through.

Try to test it the next day... it may work again.

This one's tough: it's difficult to say exactly what the problem is in this case. If it happens to you, try a different credit card (we accept PayPal too). Amazon also sells our products!

For assistance with billing/payment issues, please contact Customer Service.  

Emails are typically answered within 1 business day (excluding weekends and holidays). 

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