Rewards Program Info

You must have an account and password to log into the Small Pet Select Online Store.

Once you log in, there's a link to your rewards page at the top of the website to the left of the shopping cart logo.

  • For every pound spent, 10 points are earned. (No cash value, but can apply towards future purchases. Winning!)
  • For every person you refer, using your referral link, you earn £8 in points (1250 points).

When redeeming points, a £20 minimum balance must remain after a discount is applied (Same as our minimum purchase policy of £20.)  

Important FYI's:

  • Rewards points can only be used on one time orders, NOT auto-ships. Auto-ships are already discounted up to 15% on hay, bedding, and pellets.
  • You can redeem points for £4, £8, £15, £30 
  • You must COPY/PASTE your rewards points code into the promo code box in the shopping cart. Please DO NOT hand type.
  • Our system only allows one coupon/rewards code per order. Sorry, guys.
  • Coupon codes/rewards points are tracked by email, and can only be used once. Again, sorry guys.

Customer Service can put your rewards points back if needed; just ask us.

We don't bite.

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